Lawyer Lingo

19:01 14 June in Blog Posts, Divorce

Effective communication with a divorce attorney in the Santa Rosa, California area doesn’t have to be difficult. Some divorce attorneys throw around lawyer lingo without explanation, only to leave their clients confused and discouraged. Prenuptial agreements, annulment, dissolution—oh my! This divorce talk can be intimidating—sometimes it even sounds like divorce lawyers are speaking a different language. When you work with Richard Sax as your attorney, you won’t feel like you need a dictionary present at all times.

As a divorce attorney located in Santa Rosa, CA, Richard Sax is able to explain the process to ensure his clients know what is going on and what to expect. With his easy communication style and approachability, he becomes more than a divorce lawyer or annulment attorney to his clients—he is able to become a friend.

The Law Offices of Richard Sax pride themselves on maintaining the integrity of all parties involved while solving cases as quickly as possible. 36 years of experience as a law office in Santa Rosa, California has allowed them the ability to accomplish this goal over and over again. Richard is described by clients as patient and straightforward. Justice and letting his clients’ needs be heard are amongst his highest priorities, and helping his clients fully understand what is happening is a key to his success.

If you have any questions about your current or upcoming divorce, Richard Sax and his team would be more than happy to help. Contact us at 707-525-1824 or email to schedule a free initial consultation.