Is an Estate Planning Attorney Necessary?

17:57 31 August in Blog Posts, Estate Planning

Is an estate planning attorney really necessary in Santa Rosa, California or other areas? If you’ve looked into writing your will, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. The expert estate planning attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard Sax are here to answer it.

Here’s the thing—you could bypass getting an estate planning attorney entirely and write your will yourself. But ask yourself these questions before writing your own will:

1. Do I have any experience in writing such a document?

2. Can I be sure that it will be considered valid and hold up in court?

If you answered no to either of these questions, you need to hire an estate planning attorney to help. Additionally, this kind of lawyer can set up a Health Care Power of Attorney and a Durable Power of Attorney. These plans allow your wishes about your health and financials to be known in case you become unable to communicate from a mishap or tragedy.

A Difficult Process Turned Easy

Writing your will is not something that is often looked forward to. Many dread estate planning, but it really isn’t difficult at all when you hire an attorney who knows what they are doing. An attorney like Richard Sax in Santa Rosa, California can discuss with you your plans for your estate. He is then able to easily translate those plans into a legal document, saving you the time, trouble and stress.

The Consequences of Probate

Avoiding estate planning until it is too late or not creating valid, foolproof plans can result in probate. Your assets you worked so hard for could go where you never intended them. Similarly, your children could go to a relative you never intended for them to live with. Not to mention, probate is often very expensive. Your loved ones would have to bear that financial burden.

Looking Out for Your Loved Ones

Ensure that everything of yours goes where you want it and that your wishes will be known in case of misfortune. Tragedies are never easy, but assuring that your plans are ready to be set into motion can help put your loved ones at peace. Additionally, having an estate planning attorney help you prepare your will means that your family can avoid costly probate.

The Short Answer: Yes!

All in all, is an estate planning attorney necessary? The short answer is yes. Call 707-525-1824 or email to set up a free initial consultation if you need an estate planning lawyer in Santa Rosa, California.

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